Web hosting – Checklist for beginners

If you’re about to choose a webhost service, it may be a good idea for you to run it over this checklist:

1) Disk space and bandwidth – How much do you need? What will happen if you use more than the web host can give you for the price? Most web hosts will tell you that you can buy a larger “package” if you need more. But for small project you really don’t need very much.

2) Can you get a backup of your data? I so enjoy getting backups whenever I destroy something on my webpage. Some web hosts have very good backup services.

3) How good is the web hosting’s “uptime”? It should be about 99 % or more!

4) How would other users describe their service? Search the net for reviews on the web host. You will find that most of them have a good reputation, others don’t.

5) If you want to install open source CMS’s lige Joomla or WordPress, check if you can. Most web hosting services give you the possibility to install with 3 clicks. Very easy.

Good luck with your page!

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