Psycho – Hitchcock – Analysis

Genre Suspense

Themes The double mind, Evil, Women, Mother and son, Hatred, Love, and power, Gender, Mental illnes.

Symbols Many of the scenes have a symbolic meaning.

1) For instance when Norman is talking about his birds, we see how some of them are pointed towards Marion. This gives the viewer an unconscious feeling of horror.

2) In the scene where Norman brings the dinner you can see a reflection of Norman in the glas. This is a symbol of his double nature: He is mix between himself and the dead mother. You may also find that other elements in this scene tells us that something is very wrong.

We also see Marion’s reflection in mirrors in the movie.

3) There is also a close up filming of Norman. One part of his face is sort of in a shadow and the other part is lighter. This also shows his double nature.

4) If you notice the pictures with Marion and other men (the lover and the cob), you can see that the woman sometimes appears to be very small. This is a symbol of the fifties view on gender.

Freudian interpretation In af Freudian perspective Norman’s house could be a symbol of Freud’s model of personality. The house has three floors: The top is the super ego, the middle the ego and the basement the id.

The relationship between Norman and his mother and her second man can also be interpreted in the view of Freuds psychoanalysis.

The use of irony In some of the words you can find a touch of irony.

The cob says this to Marion:
“There are plenty of motels in this area. I mean, just to be safe.”
This is irony because the motel later appears to be very unsafe for her. It kills her.

When Noram comes to Marion after the quarrel with his mother he says that his mother ‘isn’t quite herself today’.
This part also seems a little funny because the person has a split personality.

Info Directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960, the movie takes place in the fifties.

The world famous shower scene lasts 45 seconds. It took one week to film it and 72 camera positions.

Myths about the film One myth says that Hitchcock didn’t tell the woman in the shower, Leigh, that her character was going to be murdered. According to the myth this made the fear more real.

Another myth says that Hitchcock used ice cold water in the shower scene to make Leigh scream. This is not true, because Leigh denied it again and agian.

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