Narcissism – Newer Theories – Cause

Karen Horney (1885-1952) Narcissism is just a defence against low self esteem.
So in Horneys theory narcissists don’t really love themselves.
They pretend to love themselves because they need to hide their inner feeling of emptiness.
This i the opposite of Freud’s theory.
Heinz Kohut (1913-1981) Narcissism effects your relationship with others.
The mother must have empathy when taking care of the child.
The child has a period of omnipotens (feels that it can do anything), and the mother needs to teach the child (slowly) that it can’t be perfect all the time.

General symptoms of narcissism Needs to be the center of attention
Wishes to be the greatest
Envious of others
No empathy

Study questions Is narcissism a typical problem in our time?
Are young people more narcissistic than older?

Why do some people seem to love themselfes so much? Is it really love or is it just low self esteem?

Create your own theory about narcissism: Why do some people become narcissists? Is it because of their childhood?

Do you think that Facebook is creating narcissistic personality types?

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