Body language a good book? Yes, not just good, perfect!

Desmond Morris: People watching – The Desmond Morris guide to body language.

Why is this book good?
Because it is very systematic and precise when it describes the meaning of our body language.

The body language of the liar
You can learn how to detect lies in people. In this book he writes that when people lie, they tend to…

Touch their noses.


Take more time to answer

And much more…

Defence body language
Sometimes we subconsciously make a defending body language, e.g. by crossing our arms.

When you reed the book, it gets easy to see if a teacher is nervous (maybe unprepared). There is a frequent touch of the face, sometimes holding the hand over the mouth.

After reading this book you notice how body language really matters.

Analysis of commercial (Picture)

Presentation Who made the commercial? The product. When was it made?
Composition How are things put together in the commercial?

Symbols Find symbols, e.g. in colors, signs, body language. The photo-angles.
Target Who are they trying to sell the product to? Women or men? Old or young? Rich or poor?
Compare to other commercials Compare and consider: Is this a typical commercial for this kind of product?